I’m an aspiring journalist.

I’m a 23 year old student at Griffith University on the Gold Coast, Australia, where I’m two years into a Bachelor of Communication and Journalism.

I’m a writer, and although I’m naturally interested in every part of the journalism industry, I dream of working in print. I currently write for a local news publication, but hope someday to have a byline in a national newspaper.

At this point, I’m refining my skills in news writing and editing, and have growing passions for interviewing, feature writing, and investigative reporting. I’ve recently developed an interest in politics.

I have an array of unique experiences behind me, from managing a ship’s cargo hold to running a German B&B. My repertoire of seemingly random skills originates from the two years I spent volunteering with a humanitarian organisation, living at sea and travelling to 37 different countries.

When I’m not churning out assignments and articles, I’m either at the beach, drinking coffee with friends, or navigating the settings on my camera in an effort to improve my photography skills.

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