Week 10

Week 10: TV Show Production

Our group spent several hours in the TV studio this week, across two days, filming The Golden Hour. I have been carrying the roles listed in last week’s post, as well as an additional role as the show’s guest performer, representing the local Hula dance school, Na Pua o Australia.

Dancing in a TV studio was actually a really interesting experience after spending most of my time in the studio control room. It gave me a better understanding of studio floor operations, and an awareness of the space we have to work in. Some general obesrvations:

  • Having a green background is fine, until you need to consider how the floor will appear in the recorded footage. We tried laying down a flat sheet for me to dance on, which was too small, so I suspect I’ll just have to think creatively about editing a floor into the background.
  • Studio lighting is harsh and hot and I hope we can find a way to soften it a little when we head in again next week.
  • Floor tape is always a good idea.
  • So is a healthy supply of loose setting powder. Even if you think you don’t need powder, you need powder.

Outside of the studio, I’ll be experimenting with Adobe After Effects to put the motion graphics together for the program. I’ve just invested in a 2TB external hard drive after being really stubborn since the death of my old one about six months ago. I’ve formatted it to exFAT so it can work on both my MacBook and the control room PC.

Using hard drive terminology makes me feel tech savvy. I’m not.

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