Week 11

Week 11: TV Show Editing, and PR Package Production

Creating The Golden Hour

With half our TV program filmed and plenty of studio footage to work with, I’ve started editing the full half hour run of The Golden Hour. My priority this week was removing the green screen background from the footage, and replacing it with a shot of the Gold Coast skyline. I’ve collected my team’s individual news packages, having asked them to remove their original title banners so I can apply new ones in my full edit (for consistency and cohesion).

The Golden Hour: a work in progress, featuring reporter Sam Gray (left) and presenter Monique Pueblos (right).

Producing a PR Package

Outside of the studio, we’re all producing PR packages for our chosen NGOs, who’ll be able to use the videos on their websites, social media etc. I’ve partnered with the Mission to Seafarers, who are a nonprofit organisation working with and caring for ships’ crew members when they reach unfamiliar ports, often in new countries.

As an international organisation with centres scattered all along the Australian coastline, I’m working specifically with their team in the Port of Brisbane. I’ve come into contact with the Mission to Seafarers several times in other countries, and have seen how they work, and am determined to create something that reflects their incredible passion for those working at sea.

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