Week 4

Week 4: Interviewing, Narrating and Presenting

Although filming was on this week’s agenda, COVID-19 is still a thing, and our class was temporarily shifted online. Instead, we pitched our ideas for an upcoming assessment item: a current affairs news package.

Managing Erosion on Gold Coast Beaches

I’ll be covering the impact of erosion along Gold Coast beaches, with an emphasis on the damage caused by recent storms and large swells. In order to understand the extent of the threat to the Gold Coast and its residents, the story will explore the nature of erosion, how current coastal management projects are protecting the community, and whether they have the capacity to withstand future weather events.

The story is being pursued in response to the ongoing development projects along the coastline, with a new sense of urgency following recent storms. Locals are seeing the sand levels rise and fall along familiar beaches and are beginning to question the stability of the city.

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