Week 8

Week 8: TV Show Production Planning

My coastal management news package was created to fit into a half hour TV show, produced by myself and five other students. The conversational news program will be targeted at Gold Coast audiences, and will cover projects, incidents, events and other stories from around the city. I will be carrying out two main roles in the production process:

  • Video recording: capturing and organising the footage from our allocated filming day (Tuesday of week 9) from inside the studio control room
  • Program editing: gathering all the footage from individual team members and from our allocated filming day to edit into a half hour TV program in Adobe Premiere Pro; involves creating an opening motion graphic, finding music, adjusting audio levels, exporting etc.

Other smaller tasks I have carried out so far include helping other team members film their news packages; starting a Google Doc and inviting all members to collaborate on ideas; drafting a structure for the program, general organisation and planning; and suggesting ‘The Golden Hour’ as a name for the program, which has yet to be agreed on.

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