Week 9

Week 9: TV Show Production Planning

After allocating production roles to group members last week, our team regrouped to work through the finer details of our TV program, ‘The Golden Hour‘. We returned to the studio to decide on a setup and process for filming the news segment of our program. I was positioned in the studio control room to capture the footage.

Given that a many of our individual news stories focus on culture and entertainment around the Gold Coast, I suggested to the group that we build on these elements of our program to include a culture segment. The idea is that the program reflects all aspects of local culture, including the many nationalities represented in the community. Some of these groups gather frequently to hold dance, music and language classes, and appear at cultural events around the city. I recognised an opportunity to feature these groups on the program, and suggested we start with the local Hula dance school.

The second half of the planning session involved several hours in a conference room on campus, caffeine, snacks, and a handful of dead whiteboard markers. We planned the whole program to the minute, and assigned smaller roles to each other. Some of my additional roles include:

  • Designing additional motion graphics, which fit with the theme (and logo) of The Golden Hour
  • Finding royalty free music to play during the show’s intro and outro
  • Gathering information on the history of Hula and Hawaiian culture for the presenters of the cultural segment

In the coming week, our group will have a run through day in the studio, and return the next day with outfits, makeup and props to film the bulk of the show properly.

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